What If You Could Retain and Recruit Top Talent, 

Increase Employee Productivity,

AND Be Known As One of the Best Places to Work…

Welcome to Virtual Corporate Wellness

My name is Alison Brehme, Founder and CEOI believe corporate wellness is more than a “nice-to have” or luxury program. I believe it’s a business necessity.

Not having a wellness strategy can impact your company’s bottom line, culture, productivity, and reputation. 

Ultimately, I believe corporate wellness is more than healthy snacks, fruit bowl, gym discounts and perks.

It’s about the health of your organization from the inside out.

I love Sir Richard Branson’s philosophy:

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Sir Richard Branson

I’ve been in the advertising and marketing for 16+ years and I know that generating a positive ROI is crucial.

Creating a strategy using data is the key to building an employee wellness program that actually works!

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Benefits of Partnering with Virtual Corporate Wellness™:

 Custom Wellness Strategy and Action Plan for Your Company

Increase in Employee Engagement, Morale and Productivity

 Save Money Lowering Healthcare and Talent Acquisition Costs

 Reduce Sick Days and Employee Turn-Over

 Retain and Recruit Top Talent

 Become known As One of the BEST Places to Work

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“With Alison’s course and one-on-one consulting, she gives companies the tools for timely and effective wellness programs that deliver results in employee wellness and productivity and bottom-line cost savings.”
Dr. Pedram Shojai, Founder Well.org

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