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Why I created Sacred Summer!

Sacred Summer is a blend of some of my favorite oils that remind me of summers spent in Florida when I was a kid with my grandparents and cousins. Outside my great grandmother’s house were two tangerine trees where my cousins and I would go outside to play all afternoon and would grab a snack from the tangerine tree (or sometimes just throw them at each other for fun).

When I smell citrus, it reminds me of those great times I had in Florida and that is why I included citrus notes in this blend. Plus, I added sandalwood, which is one of my all-time favorite oils, which is known for connection and spirituality making this blend both uplifting and relaxing. Scents are known to trigger memories and for me this reminds me of sacred times spent with my loved ones. I hope you enjoy!

FREE Custom White Labeling!

Make a lasting impression with a custom white label – for FREE. You can put a tag on every essential oil that features your logo or any custom design you want to add that personal touch. All you have to do is send us your image (.ai or .eps files preferred), and we’ll do the rest. This is one of the reasons why the Sacred Summer essential oil and diffuser are perfect gifts and/or giveaways. It shines the spotlight back on you where it belongs!

50 Minimum order for all corporate purchases. For special requests or questions, email

I believe a successful corporate gift giving program looks like this:
  1. Make it personal, unique and memorable
  2. It is not just for holidays or special occasions. Give recognition all-year long!
  3. Customize the presentation, instead of the item itself.
  4. Include a personalized and hand-written note, which is more meaningful than an email.
  5. Know your limits (meaning know your internal policies)
  6. Know your team and what they like so you can customize a gift accordingly.
  7. Plus get to know their preferences of how they like to receive recognition (e.g. do they like private or public praise?)
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