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What will make 2016 the most successful year yet for your company?

If you think the answer has nothing to do with your employees, you’re wrong. And it’s costing you.

Over 50% of corporate profits are now going towards healthcare

Corporate Wellness, Low Morale, Corporate Culture

Company morale low and affecting employee productivity?

Corporate Wellness Employee Retention

Are you having a hard time retaining talent?

Corporate Wellness First Aid

Are employees constantly absent and sick?

It doesn’t have to be this way especially since we spend 1/3 of our lives at work.
Corporate Wellness Presentation

The Problem in Today’s Workplace

There is a booming trend with companies taking employee wellness much more seriously than ever.

But employers are struggling to find the right solution that’s unique to their needs to combat rising health issues and healthcare costs in their workplace and more often than not their programs FAIL.

In today’s stressful world and workplace, you don’t have the energy, money or time to waste.

Corporate Wellness Low Energy
Corporate Wellness Budget
Corporate Wellness Time

Corporate Wellness Stress

Corporate Wellness is a critical factor to your company’s success, but providing health insurance, gym discounts and an occasional chair massage will not cut it. Why?

Because these band-aid fixes do not address the root cause of what is REALLY going on in your company.

What I’ve Learned from the Corporate World

I worked in corporate marketing for 12 years and experienced first-hand the high price of a stressful job with little to no emphasis on employee wellness. I get it, because I have lived it. As a company competing in today’s economy, it’s too easy to put your customers first instead of your employees. But if your employees do not start to become a priority for you, then there will be unavoidable consequences:

– Your healthcare costs will continue to increase
– Employee morale will continue to fall
– Employee retention rates will decrease
– Employee absenteeism will increase
– Employee productivity will minimize

Corporate Wellness growth

You can’t afford to keep this up and your employees cannot continue to work in this type of an environment. It would be wise to seriously consider the cost of NOT implementing a Corporate Wellness Program for your company.


Here’s how I can help.

An Innovative Solution

Corporate wellness is not about a few perks here and there. That what the OLD SCHOOL method and quite frankly it doesn’t work.

The method I created allows us to dig deep and get to the root causes so we can customize a plan that improves the health of your company culture using wellness strategies.

We do not live our lives in silos. We bring our work home and our personal lives to work. Creating an environment that supports your employees both in and out of the office is key.

Corporate Wellness Heart Health
Corporate Wellness Meditate
Corporate Wellness

I have created a 100% online Corporate Wellness course that is easy to implement and will dramatically improve your workplace environment that provides you with the ideas, steps and tools you need to build a new or tweak an existing corporate wellness program!

What You’ll Learn

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Why is this wellness program a game-changer for your company?

With an engaging blend of visual and audio delivery of material, plus worksheets and bonus videos, you’ll be guided through the process of everything it takes to build, launch and sustain a successful Corporate Wellness Program, unique to your company needs.


The average time investment for this course is only 2.5 hours a week so it shouldn’t interfere with your other day-to-day responsibilities. You’ll dive in learn about the following:

Module 1: Your Corporate Wellness Blueprint

Get the 8 must-do steps in order to create a successful corporate wellness program. With a solid framework to work with, dive into the fundamentals of your customized plan that includes a realistic corporate evaluation, how to obtain executive support, determining roles of program responsibility, and creating goals and objectives. This module will clear up any vague notions you may have and set a clear path ahead.

Module 2: Corporate Wellness Program Ideas

Discover how to categorize your corporate wellness activities, how to get creative with your budget. Here you’ll receive a valuable worksheet of 150 corporate wellness activities that any company can put into action quickly and easily.

Module 3: How to Navigate Employee Privacy

Learn how to keep your program inside the proper boundaries of privacy and ethics, and how to avoid privacy landmines so you don’t offend your employees before your corporate wellness program even gets started.

Module 4: Yes, Involve Your Insurance Company

Learn how to leverage your insurance contacts so that they work for you in a bigger way to help take your corporate wellness program to the next level of effectiveness and efficiency.

Module 5: Human Resources: Communication and Engagement

Avoid the common mistake of ineffective communication about your program and lackluster participation. This module gives you plenty of ideas to dramatically increase employee engagement so you can achieve your program goals.

Module 6: How to Track Your Program and Prove ROI

If you don’t track your program then it’s over before it begins. Like anything in business, you must be able to prove ROI and this module covers how you can do just that in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Module 7: How Corporate Wellness Impacts Company Culture and Leadership

Culture can make or break a company, and is the heart of any organization. Learn how corporate wellness fits into your company’s culture and how your leaders can uplift it to a new standard of morale, engagement and productivity.

Module 8: How to Create a Healthy Environment

The quality of a work environment will determine the quality of job satisfaction and productivity. Here you’ll learn how to create a healthy environment that doesn’t work against you, but for you. Discover the critical components of a supportive work environment from ergonomics, air and lighting quality, and many other factors you’ve never considered.

Why This Program Is Unique

There is NO other program out there at this time that delivers this extensive training to guide companies into the modern era of holistic wellness in America’s workplace. And it is needed…now.

Virtual Corporate WellnessTM is different because of its philosophy in providing holistic programs that include the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of employees. This comprehensive and effective approach results in the ultimate achievement of decreasing health care costs so that your organization can grow and thrive in ways you might not currently realize.

I lived and breathed the corporate world for over 12 years. I have first-hand experience and know how to communicate to executives and prove ROI.

Corporate Wellness Business Meeting

More importantly, I know what it feels like to be unappreciated and undervalued as if my health and life did not matter. The only thing that appeared to matter was the company making a profit.

This corporate mentality needs to change.

While doing 1:1 consulting with companies I realized that if things were truly going to change, a unique program had to be created that was unlike anything else that was available. It needed to be a DIY, easy-to-follow, 100% online program that taught the principles of corporate wellness while allowing a company to customize it to their needs.

Already have a wellness program that may be outdated or not operating to its full potential? Perfect! My tips, tools and worksheets give you everything you need to turn your program around!

Delivered each week and available for download will be:


8-week AUDIO training modules (with lifetime access)
8-week SLIDE training visuals and videos (with lifetime access)
Complete WORKSHEETS to develop YOUR ACTION PLANS (with lifetime access)
Weekly Coaching Calls for deeper dive and Q&A
Industry Expert Interviews exclusively found in program
Connect and learn from other businesses in our EXCLUSIVE private forum
Ongoing support exclusively available to students
Over 150 corporate wellness activity ideas
Additional Resources for each Module
Educational Tax Write Off
And surprise BONUSES!



If you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason within the first 30 days, we will refund your money in full. The course was designed with all the tools you will need to create a new or tweak an existing corporate wellness program and we stand by our product. With ongoing support, training, and resources, we’ve crafted this program to carry incredible value for any business that wants to prioritize their people in order to increase profits over time.