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My name is Alison Brehme, Founder and CEOI believe corporate wellness is more than a “nice-to have” or luxury program. I believe it’s a business necessity.

Not having a wellness strategy can impact your company’s bottom line, culture, productivity, and reputation. 

Ultimately, I believe corporate wellness is more than healthy snacks, fruit bowl, gym discounts and perks.

It’s about the health of your organization from the inside out.

I love Sir Richard Branson’s philosophy:

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Sir Richard Branson

I’ve been in the advertising and marketing for 16+ years and I know that generating a positive ROI is crucial.

Creating a strategy using data is the key to building an employee wellness program that actually works!

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Benefits of Partnering with Virtual Corporate Wellness™:

 Custom Wellness Strategy and Action Plan for Your Company

Increase in Employee Engagement, Morale and Productivity

 Save Money Lowering Healthcare and Talent Acquisition Costs

 Reduce Sick Days and Employee Turn-Over

 Retain and Recruit Top Talent

 Become known As One of the BEST Places to Work

Want Ideas? Click here to Download 150 Corporate Wellness Ideas + Incentives. 

“With Alison’s course and one-on-one consulting, she gives companies the tools for timely and effective wellness programs that deliver results in employee wellness and productivity and bottom-line cost savings.”
Dr. Pedram Shojai, Founder Well.org

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