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Here are different solutions depending on your organization’s needs. Corporate wellness is never a one-size-fits-all. Let’s hop on the phone to  determine what’s the best next step for you.

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  • BOOK: Fatal Flaws of Employee Wellness ProgramsA book that highlights how to strategically approach employee wellness. This book gives you a customizable roadmap that will guide you to create a corporate wellness program that’s right for your company, no matter its size. You will create clear goals, make decisions based on data, have fun when implementing the program and adjust as you go to improve your results.  >> BUY NOW
  • HR Team Employee Wellness Training – Teaching companies how to strategically approach employee wellness programs in order to save you money on hiring expensive consultants and third party providers.
  • Custom Wellness Proposal and Recommendations – We collect the necessary data to create a strategy that will deliver results based on your company’s goals. Recommendations keep your business objectives in mind while delivering your employees what they want so that they participate in your wellness program. It’s all about creating a win-win strategy for all parties involved.
  • VitalityU Employee Challenge – A ready-to-go membership website that includes a self-assessments, educational information topics (exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, hormones, etc.), videos, recipes and more to make it easy as possible for your employees to learn about how to create a healthy lifestyle for them. Health coaching offered separately.
  • Platinum Consulting Package – A 6-month or 12-month contract where we address the health of your organization from the inside out. We review everything from healthcare costs, culture, employee engagement, leadership and more in order to create a long-term strategy that will increase your bottom line.
  • Corporate Lunch n’ Learns (In person or via Zoom) – Corporate lectures or lunch n’ learns are typically boring. We customize workshops based exclusively on your company’s goals and employee’s interest providing fun along the way.

Before you decide on any of the above, I would love to chat to see if the above programs are a fit for your needs.

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