FB_AB_EatingMy name is Alison Brehme, Founder and CEO, and I’m here to serve you. 

My goal is to see your company succeed from the inside out, especially with rising healthcare and talent acquisition costs on the rise and workplace stress at an all time high.

I believe a solution to these problems is corporate wellness.

Richard Branson hit the nail on the head when he said:

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

And I am not talking about your boring-run-of-the-mill-cookie-cutter programs where you have gym discounts, chair massages and a fruit bowl in the kitchen.

I am talking about making an actual difference and disrupting the status quo.

Corporate Wellness is a strategic response to low employee engagement, leadership, morale, productivity and retention problems.

You need to take consistent and strategic actions to lower your business costs and simultaneously show that you genuinely care about your employees.

Corporate wellness is the answer.

Prioritize your people first and you’ll have happy and healthier employees that want to go above and beyond to help you and your company succeed.

A little more about me….

Those who know me describe me as adventurous, hard-working, responsible and trustworthy. I also love sarcasm…no that’s not sarcasm! I love coffee, peppermint tea, helping others, jeans, horses, my grandma’s fried chicken (I’m from the south y’all) and traveling to new places.

In all seriousness, I have hands-on experience and know what the corporate world is all about because I did corporate marketing for 12 years. That experience taught me to be solution-oriented and to be driven by data to produce positive results.

My vision for a healthier workplace is a deep passion of mind. I’m determined to create change. If we don’t do something to disrupt the status quo then there will be consequences.

Your employees will suffer. You will lose top talent. Productivity will continue to decline.  Oh and it will cost you money!  Lots of it. Healthcare and talent acquisition costs are not going down any time soon. You need to be proactive so that your company can become more profitable.

My personal goal is to impact 100,000 businesses through corporate wellness.  

I know it’s an ambitious dream, but I’m determined to make it a reality so I can make a positive difference in the workforce.

I believe you want that too or you wouldn’t be here.  You may not know how or where to start, but that’s okay. We can work together and determine what is best for you and your organization.

FB_AB_CouchSo let’s talk.

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Alison Brehme is the Founder and Creator of Virtual Corporate WellnessShe has a degree from the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ’em) in Advertising and is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC), Certified Corporate Wellness Consultant (CCWC) and published author on various websites such as Well.org, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Be More! Magazine and the Medical Fitness Network.

She spent 12 years working in stressful corporate jobs and is now helping businesses create and successfully implement ROI-driven Corporate Wellness Programs. Dedicated to bringing wellness into the corporate world, she also educates stressed out women in managerial roles how to get beyond the myth that is “work-life balance” while using the power of nature and holistic solutions.

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