10 Healthy Snacks for the Workplace

10 Healthy Snacks for the Workplace10 Healthy Snacks for the Workplace

It’s the 3pm munchies and there are no healthy snacks around. What do you do? Go for the vending machine for chips and soda?

Hunger or Thirst?

Before you lunge for the sweet and salty snacks that will leave you undernourished and with an energy crash at your desk 30 minutes later, go for a cup of hot tea or a glass of water FIRST. Chances are your body could use the hydration anyway, and choosing this initial approach could ultimately save you from consuming extra calories, sodium, sugar, and toxic preservatives found in processed food.

The reason I make this suggestion is because your hunger pangs can be triggered when your body is actually dehydrated and thirsty. However, if you are still hungry after about 20 minutes of drinking your tea or glass of water, then you know your body is truly needing food.

Healthy Snacks Help You Stay Alert and Productive

Avoid sugar-rush snacks like milk chocolate, muffins, soda and cookies. They elevate your blood sugar levels which increases your insulin output, and create acidity in the body.  You may feel a short-term boost of energy and a sugar high, but not long after your energy will crash down, leaving you feeling blah.

To get on the right track for eating healthy at work, it’s a great idea to have plenty of seal-lid containers of various sizes, and designate a drawer or other place at work to have healthy snacks stocked up and on hand. Try some of these yummy and healthy snacks:

  1. Trail Mix – take your favorite raw nuts, seeds and throw in some 70%+ cocao dark chocolate. (Hint – make sure the nuts are raw so their nutrition is in-tact). A great snack to keep stocked at your desk!
  2. Kale Chips is also a great crunchy option to have stored at work for snacking emergencies. I like to make these based off the Hungry Hottie Cookbook recipe. I have made many kale chip recipes in the past and really did not like them until I followed the recommendations of Cynthia Pasquella and used nutritional yeast. It adds a great flavor burst! Get the recipe here.
  3. Berries – probably one of my daily go-to snacks. Filled with Vitamin C, it’s perfect if you want something sweet while trying to lose weight. Get them prepared on the weekend before your hectic week starts to save time so you can just grab a container and go.
  4. Apples or bananas with raw nut butter – high in protein, raw nut butter is a good option for lower additives and sugar. Fruit such as apples or bananas are filled with enzymes, vitamins and potassium.
  5. Roasted Chickpeas – I love potato chips and this is one of my favorite go-to snacks to help me eat less potato chips!
  6. Cucumbers and tomatoes with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper (can prepare the night before).
  7. Favorite vegetable or brown rice cracker with your favorite dip such as homemade guacamole, hummus or salsa!
  8. Granola – homemade or organic packaged. Try gluten-free granola too!
  9. Smoothies – Not just for breakfast…this is also a great snack idea. Prepare at home and keep in the fridge at work.
  10. Mini Salad – a salad for a snack sounds like a snooze fest! But it can be a great way to up your intake of fruits and veggies while curbing your hunger so you aren’t tempted for the cookies or leftover donuts leftover in the break room.

Bonus Ideas

  1. Miso Soup – you can keep a container of this high protein, fermented soy drink in the fridge that just needs hot water added to your cup.
  2. DIY Energy bits and Protein bars – easy to take anywhere. I love to make my own so I can control the ingredients as a lot of store bought versions are high in sugar. Here is a recipe I currently love.  I changed up the ingredients based on my preference, but once you get the basic idea down you the possibilities are endless.

When you’re ready. Here are some next steps:

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