12 Corporate Wellness Resources You Might Not Know About

12 Corporate Wellness Resources You Might Not Know About

When it comes to Corporate Wellness, it can be overwhelming to stay on top of all the latest trends and information. To help keep you motivated and on track throughout the rest of 2018, I’m sharing 12 of my favorite corporate wellness resources.

1. Favorite Magazine –Corporate Wellness Magazine is a great resource to stay on top of all of the latest trends in workplace wellness.

2. Favorite App – Medefy is a healthcare app that will save you money on rising healthcare costs. It lets employers directly connect with their employees about their health benefits and allows employees to shop for better priced, higher quality healthcare providers. A win-win. Get a free demo: https://medefy.com/demo/

3. Favorite Survey Tool – OfficeVibe is a fantastic tool for employee engagement. Commissioning a survey once or twice a year is not enough to really make a difference or course-correct throughout the year. This tool allows you to collect feedback and real-time data with actionable insights. Plus, they have a great blog!

4. Favorite Employee Engagement Tool – Project Helping’s KyndHub platform is by far my favorite employee volunteer tool. Founded by Justin Kruger, it helps you track your employee volunteer time AND allows you to have fun by creating team challenges and more. It’s a great tool enhance the wellbeing of employees while giving back to your community.

5. Favorite Healthy Snack Vendor – Snacknation is my favorite for big and small offices alike. They have different options based on the size of your organization. All of their snacks are healthy and include options your employees will want to chow down on. You can even try a free sample.

6. Favorite Podcast – The Awesome Office by Sean Kelly is a great podcast to check-out especially if you want to become a better leader and create an incredible company culture.

7. Favorite Corporate Wellness Management Platform – Virgin Pulse has created an employee-centric platform for corporate wellness programs that allow interaction with colleagues, gamification through fun challenges and the ability to track progress so you can see results.

8. Favorite Platform to Search Government Grants – For any business, especially if you have over 50 employees there is the potential to apply for grant money for your wellness programs. You can use this resource to search relevant opportunities.

9. Favorite Wellness “Celebrity” – Arianna Huffington is a household name in the wellness space. She shares her struggles with overworking and how important it is to prioritize wellness not just in our individual lives, but on a corporate level as well. Check out her latest website Thrive Global for great tips.

10. Favorite Research Study – Global Wellness Institute “Unlocking the Power of Company Caring” This study gives an in-depth look how our work environment impacts productivity, health and wellbeing.

11. Favorite Corporate Wellness Event – The Corporate Wellness Conference® is one of the largest conferences in the corporate wellness space and their next event is scheduled for October 2018 in Orlando. It’s a great place to send your HR Director for ideas on how to add wellness programs and streamline your current initiatives for maximum results. Check it out (and I may see you there).

12. Favorite Gamification Platform – Let’s face it, corporate wellness can be boring. That’s why creating fun challenges can be so beneficial in ramping up participation and motivating your employees. Technology Advice is a great resource to compare gamification tools.

When you’re ready. Here are some next steps:

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