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corporate wellness programsCorporate Wellness: A Healthy Workplace for Healthier Bottom Line

It’s official; the buzz around “corporate wellness” has firmly established itself into the mindset of corporate America. Corporate wellness programs are here to stay.

Companies and entire organizations are now realizing the full impact that a healthy, (or unhealthy) corporate culture has on their success.

Statistics are showing that without a doubt, corporate wellness programs and healthy work culture have not only measurable positive impacts on employee health, but also on the company’s bottom line through incredible cost savings.

In fact, a recent Forbes interview with Dr. Roger Sahoury, author of Gladiator’s Guide to Corporate Health & Wealth states “a workplace wellness program equates to $250 million in savings in lowered health costs and a 50% reduction in high blood pressure among employees.”

Staggering isn’t it?

The New Era of Corporate Wellness Programs

As the realization of the cost-saving implications hit home, business leaders and executives are collectively taking stock on the health of their own employees and corporate culture, and are increasingly understanding the critical importance of workplace wellness.

Being heralded as “the new frontier and fuel for the successful business of tomorrow” according to Dr. Roger Sahoury, corporate wellness is moving beyond just employee job satisfaction, but also as a key cost-saving initiative.

Indeed, in today’s stressful and competitive world, success in business demands a healthy lifestyle, outlook and attitude.

How Corporate Wellness Programs Improves the Bottom Line

In what ways does a corporate wellness strategy tangibly improve the profitability of an organization?

The bottom line for a more profitable bottom line is this: healthy employees are happier and more productive, engaged and loyal employees. And what does that equate to?

Quoting Dr. Roger Sahoury; “When a team understands how much a company cares about each individual person, the people will work harder, be more dedicated and can more easily operate as one unit. If the overall wellness of an organization is evaluated and treated holistically, a company can minimize mechanical and structural problems while maximizing culture and profitability.

There is an incredible range of areas that a holistic corporate wellness program addresses. In addition to workload, job satisfaction and workplace safety, an effective strategy incorporates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of the employee.

In the next post, we drill down to the nuts and bolts of exactly how a healthy workplace is the ultimate corporate advantage in today’s economy.

When you’re ready. Here are some next steps:

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