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corporate wellness strategiesCorporate Wellness Support Your Employees Need

What’s the most effective recipe for a healthy workplace?

It’s a combination of individual responsibility plus corporate support that creates a healthy environment.

It’s certainly true that improving or maintaining ones’ health is the responsibility of each individual. Their choices, habits, and behaviors will determine the quality of their wellness, vitality, and ability to avoid disease and illness.

However, the 40+ hour a week work environment cannot be ruled out as a huge factor in either supporting an employee’s health or diminishing it. From a corporate wellness perspective, the impact of the employer’s willingness and engagement to support employee wellness cannot be underestimated.

Corporate Wellness Strategies for Your Employees’ Health 

What can companies do to foster an environment of employee wellness, thus reducing the number of days employees are out sick and the spread of germs in the office?

Here are just a few corporate wellness ideas to consider.

  1. Movement: Encourage employees to get up from their desk multiple times a day to walk or stretch their legs. Many companies are providing discounts or incentivizing top performers with wearable technology like Fitbits to help encourage employees to get up and exercise.
  2. Workspace: Consider ergonomic support for your employees to make sure their workspace supports good posture. Adjust anything that could cause them eye strain, neck, arm or back pain. This includes adequate lighting, air quality, proper chairs, keyboard and mouse trays at the right height, and options for partial or full standing desks.
  3. Hydration: Ensure your workplace isn’t a desert with dehydrated staff, leading to foggy thinking and low energy. Provide filtered or bottled water to encourage your employees to stay hydrated. You can even give them BPA-Free water bottles with your logo as a gift. Also, you can provide various herbal tea options in addition to just coffee.
  4. Healthy Food Options: Include healthy snacks like fruit, raw nuts, cut veggies, etc. instead of candy bowls or high-carb snacks in the office. Stay away from too many muffins and donuts so they avoid the 3 pm sugar crash!
  5. Recognition: Try rewards that are not just food-based. Instead of a pizza party, bring in a massage therapist for chair massages instead. If you absolutely need to bring in food, work with local healthy restaurants or organic grocery stores to bring in options that support your corporate wellness goals.
  6. Culture: Encourage a positive culture, which starts from the top of the organization. Have your executives and managers lead by example encouraging them to speak in a way that is  both positive and uplifting.
  7. Stress Management: Encourage the use of vacation time and flexible scheduling to support work-life balance for your staff. Allow time for breaks and a proper lunch. Overworked, stressed and exhausted employees will not only contribute to low morale, but low production and increase the number of days they are out sick. Mental health day anyone?!

This is barely scratching the surface, but these are actions your company can take immediately to uplift the wellness of your employees. As with everything, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to employee health or setting up corporate wellness programs.

These ideas will get you started, but I HIGHLY recommend that you survey your employees. Find out what they want so your employees will actually want to participate.

Open dialogue and transparency with your employees will provide the proper foundation for a healthier and happier workplace.

When you’re ready. Here are some next steps:

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